15.45 - 17.15

Session 6. Metropolitan Region Amsterdam x Copenhagen

Wood Can Be A Game Changer For The Real Estate

The IPCC has warned human society several times over the years that we are almost too late with measures to reduce carbon emission on a large scale. We still can stop the steep curve that will exceed 1,5 degrees rise of global temperature, but we need to act fast. The building sector is responsible for some 40% of all carbon emissions. Concrete, steel, bricks: they have an enormous carbon footprint.

We now know that building in wood/timber can be a game changer for the real estate industry. Reduction of carbon emission up till 60% is possible. And the circular economy will expand by using renewable resources. Every 5 minutes the construction of an apartment building has been grown back in our forests!

The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA) has taken a first step. In 2025 a minimum of 20% of all new residential development should be constructed in timber. In a Triple Helix collaboration now 130 different public and private organizations have signed the Green Deal Agreement 2022-2025 on using timber with this target. And this is only the beginning of a revolution in the development industry and construction sector. We need to proceed to at least 50% in 2030!

The European Build-in-Wood Network is working on the same scaling up of newly built timber apartment buildings in the whole of Europe. The Metropolitan Region Amsterdam is one of the Early Adopter Cities/Regions. Among them London, Copenhagen, Trondheim and Innsbruck. We need to take action to share knowledge, to talk about changing existing regulations, in taking the complete building chain in account to close the business cases. And we need to convince the broader public of the need for timber houses. Not only less carbon foot print but also healthier to live in!

Speakers line-up:


Bob van der Zande

Director Build-in-Wood Metropolitan Region Amsterdam

Andrew Waugh

Founder and Director at Waugh Thistleton Architects

Anders Kjellow

Founder and Director at Waugh Thistleton Architects

Thomas van de Sandt


Bob van der Zande will present an overview as programme leader timber MRA of the close public-private collaborations to fix the outcome of 20% in 2025.

Andrew Waugh (WaughThistleton Architects) has a large track record in designing and building in timber in several countries . He can show the way to go with timber. He is working on a digital pilot project for two apartment buildings in timber in the MRA. This will be open source knowledge suitable for all Dutch real estate professionals.

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