12.00 - 13.30

Session 4. Blue and Green Nature Based Solutions

Dutch scientists recently presented a vision how the Netherlands could look like in 2120 if nature-based solutions are prioritized, integrating challenges around climate change, urbanisation, biodiversity, rising sea levels, extreme weather and increasing food production. A broad consortium of educational institutes, companies, green civil society organisations and governments are setting up a joint initiative to bring such a vision towards practice. In this session the consortium presents its projection and challenges for the long term future and two experts, a landscape architect and a representative of Dutch engineers, share their views on bringing nature-based ambitions into practice.

Speakers line-up:


Tim van Hattum

Program leader Green Climate Solutions at WUR

Gijs van den Boomen

Director Urban Design at KuiperCompagnons

Nikéh Booister

Consultant deltamanagement at Sweco

Stefan Vreugdenhil


Trained in Environmental Science, Tim van Hattum took the initiative to draft Wageningen University & Research's vision on what it believes a future-proof Netherlands could look like in 2120.

Gijs van den Boomen is an experienced landscape architect with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry, with focus on Nature inclusive design.

Water expert Nikéh Booister, connects current decisions and investments of different sectors to future climate scenario's and uncertainties.

As Head of Urban Ecology, Stefan Vreugdenhil aims to increase urban biodiversity through green approaches to other societal challenges such as housing shortage and climate change.

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